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LEWIM Portable & In Motion Axle Weigher


The LEWIM Portable & In Motion Axle Weigher is especially designed for providing fast and accurate axle and gross weight information for all types of vehicles from light vans to the heaviest multi-axle vehicles. This axle weigher weighs any vehicle up to 30Tn/truck axle and at speed up to 10 km/h (Weighing accuracy 1%).

The LEWIM Axle Weigher consists of two low profile weigh pads and 16 (8 entry & 8 exit) levelling ramps and a suitcase with an indicator and a ticket printer. It is simple to install and re-locate and it is ideal for sites where space or access is limited. The driver and operator can immediately see if the vehicle is loaded safely & legally, possibly avoiding fines and costly delays.


Axle Scale Basic Features


  • Ideal weighing solution with minimum ownership costs.

  • Facilitates weighing operations by weighing vehicles on the move.

  • Contributes to safety, protection of roads from deterioration & operational life of vehicles by checking individual axle loads.

  • Ideal for large multi-axle and articulated vehicles.

  • Durable , solid construction.

  • Accurate, reliable and user friendly.

  • Completely self contained to install and portable – Comes with portable weigh pads, levelling grids and with a suitcase with indicator and printer.

  • OIML approved stainless steel load cells.

Basic Features:


Scale Size                                      100cm x 50cm x 5cm

Dimensions of ramps                      100cm x 400cm x 5cm

Dynamic weighing  accuracy    From 20 kg (accuracy class 1%)

Max no of axles                                        20

Scale Capacity                              up to 30Ton per truck axle

Maximum Vehicle

Speed for Weighing in                              5km/h

Motion                    Can be up to 10km/h (less accuracy)










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