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Vehicle Radiation Detection System For Weighbridges



Sometimes, vehicles employed in Waste Management could be loaded with harmfull radioactive material mixed with waste or scrap, or other recycled material. Recognizing this need, Leon Engineering takes vehicle weighing to another level by integrating a Vehicle Radiation Detection System – VRDS especially designed to detect the gamma rays emitted by the presence of radioactive material during the passage of a vehicle at a given speed between the detectors. This weighbridge system is highly crucial for the applications of Waste Management and can benefit your weighing construction, as it increases safety on the weighbridge site.




  • Automatic connection to a weighbridge system 

  • Prohibits radioactive materials from entering a site

  • Prevents radioactive contamination of soil, waste, recycling, scrap, products and personnel

  • VDRS is easily operated with minimal training





This system consists of:

  • Two (2) scintillation detectors for high sensitivity, placed just before the entrance of the weighbridge, and

  • One (1) evaluation unit for monitoring. The evaluation unit has an alarm sound and lights built into, which are activated when exceeding pre-set threshold of radioactivity.




The vehicle radiation system for weighbridges is ideal for a wide range of waste handling applications, such as:

  • Waste collection plants

  • Recycling sorting plants

  • Incineration plants

  • Landfills

  • Composting plants

  • Hospital and household waste.

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