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TS1001 Steel Transportable

The TS1001 Transportable weighbridge, a variation of NT31surface mounted, is a completely steel portable weighbridge. It consists of drive modules connected across with connective beams for an easier transportation and assembly of the weighbridge. A standard 5Tn capacity forklift is enough for the handling and the installation works.This weighbridge features a middle gap of 1000mm which makes it a perfect solution for the weighing of larger vehicles and minimizes its total cost. TS1001 steel transportable weighbridge is a reasonable investment!



Weighbridge Basic FeaturesComposite weighbridge made of both steel and concrete.Reinforced pre-fabricated and framed concrete sections guarantee long term operation under the harshest conditions.Modular construction allowing easy transport (via normal trucks) and installation (5Ton crane).Removable covers expand over the entire deck length facilitating cleaning and maintenance.The model may be delivered without the prefabricated concrete part (for reduced transportation cost). Concrete may be poured at the scale company’s site and then delivered at the customer site.Weighbridge Optional FeaturesFactory pre-fabricated concrete foundationsGalvanized version for the steel parts

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