NT31-SC Composite Surface Weighbridge 

NT31 SC μικτού τύπου προκατασκευασμένη από μέταλλο και σκυρόδεμα, το οποίο (σκυρόδεμα) τοποθετείται στο εργοστάσιο μας.


The NT31-SC Composite Surface weighbridge is a construction for above the ground installations made of Steel and Concrete (SC). This weighbridge is a variation of the NT31 weighbridge model with the difference that NT31-SC features a combined deck, that benefits both its installation time and life span.This weighbridge is delivered fully assembled and can be easily installed above a horizontal asphalt or concrete surface with a 5Tn capacity crane. It can be also delivered dismantled; concrete can be poured on site, thus the total transportation cost is significantly reduced.

Prefabricated LL Foundations


With the use of concrete prefabricated LL foundation there is no need for formwork, resulting in a time and material saving as well as a fully controlled and clean civil construction. This kind of foundation can be pontooned in any horizontal concrete or asphalt surface.

Prefabricated Ramps


The entry and exit ramps are combined with the LL foundation and facilitate the way into and way out of the weighbridge. They can be either concrete prefabricated, but steel ramps are also available upon request.



Weighbridge Basic FeaturesComposite weighbridge made of both steel and concrete.Reinforced pre-fabricated and framed concrete sections guarantee long term operation under the harshest conditions.Modular construction allowing easy transport (via normal trucks) and installation (5Ton crane).Removable covers expand over the entire deck length facilitating cleaning and maintenance.The model may be delivered without the prefabricated concrete part (for reduced transportation cost). Concrete may be poured at the scale company’s site and then delivered at the customer site.Weighbridge Optional FeaturesFactory pre-fabricated concrete foundationsGalvanized version for the steel parts

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