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LD5204-06: Simple, General Purpose Weight Indicators




The weighing indicators LD5204, LD5206 are versatile, general purpose weight indicators, manufactured according to the highest quality standards. User friendly, simple and fast in operation, with an attractive stainless steel design and sophisticated hardware and software features, the LD5204-06 models represent powerful solutions to a multitude of weighing applications.




  • Specifications

  • Approved for 10,000 divisions

  • Up to 70 measurements per second

  • Alibi-memory for 10,000 records

  • Excitation for up to 10 strain gauge load cells, 350Ω each (or more)

  • Large, 6 digit LED (20mm) or LCD (16mm) display with status anounciators

  • 8 keys membrane keyboard with tactile feedback

  • Single or dual interval / range

  • Analogue and digital ltering

  • Standard RS232 for PC or printer connection

  • 1 digital input (programmable as tilt input or to tare scale remotely or for other purposes)

  • 2 digital outputs (programmable as weight set points or as other control outputs)

  • Stainless steel enclosure (IP65) or powder coated aluminium (IP40)



  • Second serial interface RS485 or RS232 with protocol output

  • Analogue output (current or voltage)

  • Second analogue input for second scale connection

  • Real time clock



  • Bench and oor scales, weighbridges and dual scale applications requiring weight indication and professional documentation

  • Silo weighing – weight indication and data collection

  • Piece counting (single or dual scale congurations)

  • Computer based weighing systems



LD 5206.jpg

LD 5206.jpg



LD 5204.jpg

LD 5204.jpg

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