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LEWIS'09: Powerful Weighbridge Terminal


The LEWIS’09 is a weighbridge terminal especially designed for use in an industrial environment. The system consists of the LD5218 weighing indicator and an embedded Windows system PC running LEWIS software. Its memory is solid state immune to industrial environment disturbances which can also provide faster access to data and instant-on capability. In case of PC failure, the unit may operate under LD5218 software as an independent unit.




  • Dust-free strong enclosure immune to humidity, dust and vibrations.

  • LD5218 weighing indicator, OIML approved (10,000div)

  • Embedded Windows XP PC running LEWIS weighing software

  • Industrial CF Flash disk (up to 64Gb of memory) // No moving parts

  • Multilingual interface ( English, French, Arabic, Greek, Albanian etc)

  • Multi-user administration/Password protection/User rights

  • Export & import of data (1st, 2nd weighing, Date-Time, Vehicle ID, material type, customer etc)

  • Communication: 1x Ethernet Realtek RTL8100C 10/100M LAN, 2x Serial RS 232, 1x Serial RS485/422, 1x Parallel (Optional),1x PS/2 (Keyboard + Mouse), 4x USB 2.0, 1x Audio I/O (Optional).

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