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LD5250: Designed For Demanding Weighing Applications



The weighing indicator LD5250 is a member of the LD5200 series of digital indicators and controllers, designed for demanding weighing applications with the need of digital and analogue interfacing to higher level process control equipment. Industrially oriented hardware and proven software allow simple operation at high accuracy and reliability, in a small panel mount enclosure and at an attractive price. Up to 30 units can be connected via industrial Network to a PC for multi-weigher applications.






  • Approved for 10,000 divisions

  • Up to 70 measurements per second

  • Alibi-memory for 10,000 records

  • Parallel connection of up to 10 strain gauge load cells

  • Display resolution up to 99,000div.

  • Bright, 6-digit, red LED display (14mm)

  • Serial RS232 port for connection to serial printer, PC or remote display

  • 1 digital input (programmable as tilt input or to tare scale remotely or for other purposes)

  • 2 digital outputs (programmable as weight set points or as other control outputs)

  • Compact, plastic panel mount enclosure (IP40 protection)

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  • Simple weight display

  • Mixing plants

  • Weighing automation systems



  • Additional RS485 or RS232 serial port with network capability
  • Analogue output (current or voltage)
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