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LD5290: Integrator/Controller Suitable For Belt Applications


The LD5290.BS is a highly performing integrator/controller for continuous in line conveyor belt applications. It processes the instantaneous weight from the load cells, (kg/m), the speed of the belt, (tachometer pulses/sec), calculates, displays and totalizes the flowrate. Industrially oriented hardware and proven control software allow fast and reliable operation at the highest accuracy and reliability, ensuring easy adaptation to application requirements and optimization of the weighing process.




  • Approved for 10,000 divisions

  • Excitation, AC/DC, for 10 strain gauge load cells (350Ω).

  • High resolution, stable A/D converter with integrated analog and digital ltering.

  • Durable and harsh conditions bright displays:

  • LED 9-digit with status annunciators and

  • VFD (2x40 characters) for operator dialogue.

  • Alphanumeric keyboard of 33 keys

  • Up to 48 opto-isolated digital I/O.

  • Analog output (2 channels), 0-10V or 4-20mA,

  • Rate, Load, Speed, VSD selectable output.

  • 3 serial, (bidirectional), communication ports.

  • RS232 or Centronics Event printer output.

  • Compact panel mount enclosure with dust and spill proof keyboard.



  • Belt scales

  • Belt scale feeder(s)

Additional Equipment


  • Belt speed sensor assembly (190mm wheel)

  • Junction box for the Loadcells and speed sensor (stainless steel).

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