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Through our division Weighing Engineering, we have designed a wide range of weighbridge models
covering almost every need met in different markets. All our weighbridges have the following characteristics in common:


  • Direct installation on an existing horizontal concrete surface, where trucks already circulate, without the need of extra foundations. In any other case, a full range of products manufactured in our factory are available, i.e. steel or concrete foundations and ramps. Alternatively, a full set of detailed drawings are provided for local preparation of concrete foundations.

Weighbridges Introduction

  • Our weighbridges are calculated to withstand 10ton per truck axle (+20% dynamic load), according to the DIN8119 specifications. However, our team of civil engineers and designers has studied and designed many models for heavier loading such as 15ton 20ton/axle, even 60ton/axle which allow for a higher total capacity of the weighbridges (e.g. 80ton or 100ton or 200ton)

  • Load cells are top accessed by easily removable covers

  • Variety of different lengths and other dimensions

  • Special sizes and constructions can be designed and quoted upon request.

  • Finish is industrial paint, with 2 coats of RAL 7016 GREY for main weighbridge body, 2 coats of RAL 1003 YELLOW for auxiliary parts and 1 coat of primer for both. Optionally, steel parts can be hot galvanized. Epoxy coating is also available upon request.

  • Unloading and installation can be done with a small capacity forklift and/or crane.


All weighbridge accessories are conformed to European Directives and OIML requirements for legal for trade applications.


DIY Transportable Steel

Portable steel weighbridge with pre-mounted load cells. Lengths:6-18m.Max Capacity:120Ton

NT31 Surface Mounted

Steel deck surface mounted weighbridge with an impressive life span. Lengths:6m to 18m. Max Capacity:120Ton.

CP3000-SC (EASY) Composite Surface Mounted

Surface economical, composite weighbridge. Lengths:6m to 18m. Max Capacity:60Ton.

DIY1000 Transportable Steel

Shares the same features with DIY, but has a 1000mm middle gap. Lengths:6-18m. Max Capacity:60Ton. 

NT31 Pit Mounted

 Steel pit mounted weighbridge, appropriate for transversal crossing. Lengths:6m to 18m. Max Capacity:120Ton.

CP3000-SC (EASY) Composite Pit Mounted

Pit composite weighbridge, perfect for sites with space limitations. Lengths:6m to 18m. Max Capacity:60Ton.

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