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Dumper Truck Axle Weighbridge


The Mining Truck Axle Weigher is the optimum solution for mining and construction industries, which demand rugged scales built with unique features that will provide dependable performance under extreme duty cycles. This axle scale is a steel portable weighing system consisting of individual weigh pads which measure the load of each wheel of a dumper truck in two ways, either dynamically or statically. The Mining Truck Axle Weigher has a modular design that enables the weighing of any possible truck axle configuration or model of mining dumper truck.




Capacity                                     120T            200T         400T          700T

Dimensions                              2.4 x 3 m    2.4 x 3 m    2.4 x 4 m    2.4 x 4 m

Number of pads                             2               2                2               2

Load cells per pad                          4               4                4               4

Load cell Nominal Capacity             30T           50T            100T          150T

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